Episode 38

Published on:

31st Mar 2021

Cartoon Connections

Cartoon connections link this episode's movies as Chris watches The Great Race (which inspired Wacky Races) and Marty watches the The Wachowski Brothers' 2008 movie Speed Racer, based on the 1960s anime.

But first, we lament the loss of the great Murray Walker - and thanks to F1 for a great compilation of some of his greatest moments - and Sabine Schmitz. It would be utterly remiss of us to not include one of Sabine's most electric opening laps.

Thanks to Ed Bolian from VINWiki for recording a trailer for us, and we have donated $100 to the Atlanta Children's Shelter as a thank you.

Listener Nigel Fanning brought the Blue Danube deleted scene from the 1969 Italian Job to our attention.

We catch up with the very good Top Gear now on BBC 1 in the UK.

Chris talks The Great Race (1965), and Marty reviews the visual fest of Speed Racer (2008).

In 'What has Henry Catchpole been up to this week', he's been very clever with canals reviewing the Ford Puma ST.

For their YouTube picks, Chris went to Kara and Nate's visit to the world's largest gas station in Texas - and it's called "Buc-ee's", while also nodding to Seen Through Glass's UK version in a Rolls Royce just off the M25. For a channel pick, it's Dale Lomas's BTGDale as he sheds more light on what's going on at and round the Nurburgring.

Marty also picked another hot Nurburgring lap, but followed Chris's lead on cheating by naming many, many channels that have been creating lots of great content.

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