Episode 36

Published on:

1st Feb 2021

Show Us Your Superchargers!

It's all about superchargers this episode as Marty watches the original Mad Max and Chris brushes up on his Norwegian for Asphalt Burning. Also we look at the great content released over Christmas and we discuss overheating i8s.

First though we review Evo Car of the Year coming to ITV in the UK (and now on YouTube), and the Car Trek Christmas Special came out - and we issued a $100 charity challenge to Ed Bolian. Sky Documentaries released Steve McQueen: The Lost Movie (with discovered footage shared by Motorsport Magazine) and Chris revisited the series Fernando.

While not car related, we're also looking forward to Richard Hammond and Tori Bellachi in Amazon's new The Great Escapists and Mark Kermode has a new series of the always brilliant Secrets of Cinema too!

For this episode, we're watching movies featuring big superchargers sticking through bonnets. Marty reviews the original 1979 Mad Max while Chris watches Asphalt Burning (or Børning 3) which Misha Charoudin did a great behind the scenes video, where he was one of the police car drivers!

Catching up with Henry Catchpole, he's been driving the new Jaguar F-Type P450, but all this talk of Singer recently reminded Chris of the Reimagined by Singer video from Carfection. Also launched is Carfection news in Henry's Cupboard of Lockdown.

For our YouTube picks, Chris went with the Smoking Tire's Land Rover Defender off road One-Take and highlighted Will Buxton's new series on his YouTube channel of This Week in Motorsport. Also if you're into your American car content, the Hagerty Youtube channel has some consistently excellent, if specific, content.

Marty chose Group B - The Age of the Supercar because the coolest rally cars are even cooler with Highway to the Danger Zone over the top. For his channel pick he chose Samcrac who's recently gained notoriety trying to revive a BMW i8, but has a back catalogue of fixing all sorts of cool cars.

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