Episode 59

Published on:

9th May 2023

Villeneuve Pironi

Chris and Marty review the recent Villeneuve Pironi documentary and chat the usual rubbish about what they've been watching (a lot of YouTube) and what they think you should be watching (also a lot of YouTube).

But first, the first talk from the F1 organisation has said filming for the upcoming F1 movie will be disruptive. In other news; water is wet. the Pope is catholic and bears do that thing in the woods.

Since the last episode, Chris and Marty have been watching sooooo much YouTube. Marty loved the Throttle House Porsche 918 Spyder Review, Obsessed Garage Wash And Drive: 997.1 Porsche GT3RS and Ratarossa Rebuilding a Wrecked Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Chris is loving the Team Prawn Racing channel, Hard Up Garage I BOUGHT ABANDONED SUPERCAR!!! WITH ONE HUGE PROBLEM!!, More Larry Chen, and the fascinating What Is Monaco Like 2 Months Before The Race?,

Returning with a movie review, Chris and Marty discuss the moving Villeneuve Pironi.

Catching up with Henry Catchpole's work, his film Prototype Porsche 959 Sport: The Fastest 959 EVER? passed the Automovie Podcast test of looking at 959s for sale before the video had even finished.

For his YouTube picks - yes, more YouTube content this episode! - Marty went with Flat Out In The £3m, 654bhp GMA T.50 V12 Fan Car from Top Gear, while his channel of choice is the brilliantly named Savagegeese. Meanwhile Chris went with Stefan Drury's Building the 2023 Australian F1 Circuit 🏁 and for his channel Driven Media is really channelling those early Top Gear vibes.

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