Episode 8

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30th Oct 2019

Episode 8: Famous Racing Names

In this episode, Chris and Martin discuss two famous racing names from the world of F1 with 2017's pair of documentaries 'McLaren' and 'Williams'. There's also a bonus review of the upcoming documentary 'Apex: The Secret Race Across America', some love for the much-missed Best Motoring magazine and Martin laughs at Christian Bale's Brummie accent in the 'Ford vs. Ferrari' film trailer.

But first, Chris and Marty review Apex: The Secret Race Across America, and watch Michael Fassbender's Road to Le Mans with Porsche.

For this episode, Marty discusses Mclaren while Chris goes for Williams. In conjunction with the Williams discussion, there's great background material from Peter Windsor on the Omologato Watches blog, and Clare Williams' F1 Beyond the Grid podcast.

In this week's online highlights, Marty’s sticking with the Mclaren theme, and while not choosing Bruce Mclaren's Tooned, he went with Dickie Meaden Being Bruce: Driving Bruce McLaren's M6A, and Chris has been dipping into something completely different with some E46 M3 - titanium silver, manual, 18" wheels - Japanese Drift Battle heroics from Best Motoring.

And finally, a clip doing the rounds on Twitter shows some odd goings on as Michael Knight steps out of KITT, leading to the headline Was KITT from Knight Rider driven by a hidden dwarf?

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