Episode 52

Published on:

24th Jun 2022

The need for Speed!

In this episode Chris and Marty talk Top Gun Maverick, 1994's Speed, how a Gran Turismo movie might work and Marty goes full fanboy on Kévin Estre.

But first, The Drive report Sony is planning on making a Gran Turismo TV series.. Somehow. Which reminds us that someone made a whole episode of Best Motoring in Gran Turismo!

Michael Fassbender has competed at Le Mans this year, while Brad Pitt's Plan B has signed a deal with Apple Originals for an F1 movie. There is also a bidding war brewing for the US F1 TV rights.

We have been watching TOP GUN:MAVERICK! We've also been binging on the media campaign around it, including:

This episode review 1994's Speed!

In 'What has Henry Catchpole Been Upto This Week?', not only has Henry been stirring an E61 M5 Touring with a manual conversion, but also the great guys and girls at Carfection have hit 1 million subscribers! Congrats!

Chris starts his Youtube picks with The Making of the Fast and the Furious Saga was a Sh*t Show (which is a great name for a series of film making documentaries!) while his channel is possibly the happiest man on Youtube Dustin Williams for those who love their JDM Skylines

Marty meanwhile has gone for two videos, but both celebrating the great Kévin Estre. Kévin Estre | Born on the Racetrack and INCREDIBLE KEVIN ESTRE P11 TO P1 24HR NURBURGRING 2021 are both glimpses into the skill of the man. Also we've talked about it before, but he also features in Porsche's Endurance documentary.

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