Episode 48

Published on:

24th Jan 2022

Our Christmas holidays catch up!

Chris and Marty talk through their Yuletide viewing, including another documentary about the DeLorean, the controversial 2021 Formula 1 championship showdown in Abu Dhabi, the Grand Tour's Carnage a Trois, Evo Magazine's eCotY video and much, much more.

But first, news! One of our favourite cinematographers Charlie B Rose has moved to become Head of Video for TopGear.com, while Larry Chen has taken over the Hoonigan AutoFocus Youtube channel as Hoonigan has focussed on their central channel. This was announced before an in-depth look at a Toyota Supra (sort of) with a Judd V10 in it!. Fast and Furious news is ramping up, with Vin Diesel and The Rock having a public feud while a RX-7 replica managed to sell for $75,000. Brad Pitt is making an F1 film that sounds quite a lot like Driven? Drivetribe is now going video only.

The proper things we've watched since the last episode; The Grand Tour present Carnage a Trois, Car Trek 6 and Evo's Car of the Year.

Rather than film reviews this episode, we've instead discussed the things that have been filling our sherry-fuelled Christmas YouTube hours. So...

How Youtube Sponsorship Works - VINwiki

Onboard: Ant's INSANE Lap of Lights at Silverstone!!! - Mercedes F1

88MPH: The Story of the DeLorean Time Machine - Hagertys Drivers Foundation

How Formula 1 is Filmed (It's a Technical Masterpiece) - Tommy DeWitt, which features this F1 video which is worth a watch on its own How TV Directors Captured the Action in Germany. This also reminded Marty of this video with Jake Humphries and the BBC TV gallery Glimpse Behind the Scenes at BBC F1 with Jake

One Lap Of The Nurburgring Took Me OVER An Hour - Jimmy Broadbent going slowly delirious as he completes a single lap of the Nordschleife.

One thing that hasn't changed is out enjoying the work of Henry Catchpole, who this episode has been driving the BMW M5 CS: A Supercar In Disguise - Road Review.

Chris's picks of YouTube this episode starts with NBC'S OFF THE GRID // JOSEF NEWGARDEN AT THE MUSIC CITY GRAND PRIX. A brilliantly personal mini-documentary following the home town driver racing in Nashville. For a channel pick, Chris has found a young, small channel #BILC.

Marty fell back into the Best Motoring world with Track Race #23 | F50 vs Diablo vs F40 vs GT3 vs F355 vs GT-R vs GT2, and his channel is The Supercar Driver club channel with cool, well made looks at supercar ownership.

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