Episode 31

Published on:

20th Oct 2020

Fast and Furious Marathon Part 2

For this episode, Chris and Marty continue their Fast and Furious retrospective series. Chris looks at the often forgotten fourth film that saved the franchise, Fast & Furious, while Marty is in JDM heaven with Tokyo Drift.

First of all, Chris gives his impressions on Long Way Up on Apple TV+ and Race to Perfection from Sky F1/Documentaries now we're a few episodes into both.

Chris and Marty are also both thrilled that Car Trek Season 2 is here! Tyler Hoovie has also hinted that season 3 is already underway...

We asked and you answered wanting more Fast and Furious reviews, so this time Marty gives his thoughts on Tokyo Drift being JDM as f**k, while Chris gets literally up in the business of Fast and Furious and its role in giving us the Fast and Furious we know today.

In this episode's 'What has Henry Catchpole been up to this week?', he's been Silverstone-bound in the Mclaren 675, no, hang on, 567... Let me check. 765LT doing a track test.

Marty's YouTube pick this week is Robert Kubica driving the Nurburgring in an Apex Nurburg M4. Seriously, if you only watch one video this is the one. Misha then also did a follow up video looking at the wear and tear from such an adventure. For his channel pick, he went with Tavarish, not just the home of Car Trek, but a great series of interesting, weird and wonderful projects. Anyone who is willing to attempt a rebuild of a Mclaren 675LT that's been rather crashed is well worth a watch!

Chris continued his interest in building projects with Ammo NYC's year long studio build in minute, exquisite detail. If your interest is more about wrenching and enthusiasm then Chris's discovery that he'd overlooked the Bad Obsession Motorsport channel would be right up your street!

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