Episode 29

Published on:

4th Aug 2020

DeLorean and Ferrari

In this episode, Chris and Marty review two very different documentaries about two very famous names: DeLorean and Ferrari. Chris looks at Framing John DeLorean while Marty goes back to the 1950s (without the aid of Doc Brown's DeLorean, sadly) to watch Ferrari: Race to Immortality.

Al Clark has announced a new documentary featuring Sir Stirling Moss on the development of the disc brake called The Racers That Stopped the World. It's more interesting than it sounds, we promise! Having filmed it with Jaguar while Sir Stirling was alive, Al Clark recently recut it and it is now seeing a release on demand and Sky Documentaries.

Back to the Future is to get a 35th Anniversary, 4K Blu Ray release, with a replica hoverboard and snippets of new footage!

To compare two legends, Chris watched Framing John DeLorean, with reference to Alex Goy's Carfection documentary DeLorean: The Man, The Car, The People (and thank you to Alex for your input too!) while Marty reviews Ferrari: Race to Immortality.

In this episode's 'What has Henry Catchpole been up to this week?' is the Honda E!

Chris kept up the Back to the Future theme with Doc Brown’s DeLorean - Jay Leno's Garage, and completely cheated by going for a non-car channel pick. The inimitable Hot Ones on First We Feast, where guests are asked excellent questions while slowly being incapacitated by hot sauce.

 Marty relived the glory days of sports car racing with an Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 racer while his channel pick was Driver61.

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