Episode 18

Published on:

11th Apr 2020

The Italian Job(s)

In this episode, Chris and Martin argue about the relative merits of the two Italian Job movies, and discuss lots of car content on YouTube.

Tim Hutton from Private Motor Club Magazine to share some of his experiences working on the Gumball Rally. He sometimes posts photos from him time on the rally on his Instagram page too which is well worth checking out. They are also currently running an IndieGoGo crowd funding effort to support the magazine, which is well worth a few of your quid if you like beautiful, well written print magazines!

Alan Bradley from the Motoring Podcast has published a list of the Car YouTube Channels he subscribes to which is an interesting varied list. If you have any YouTube channels you think people should be watching and need a bit of love, tweet us on @automoviepod or drop us an email at comments@automoviepodcast.com and we'll share them both online, and give you a shout out in a future episode!

Hooniverse asked What is the best opening movie scene featuring a car? A good question, especially if you try to avoid the obvious ones.

Motortrend TV are continuing to launch new shows such as Petrolhead Planet also known as, Jethro Bovingdon is a jammy git, and Dream Jobs with Sir Chris Hoy. They're also offering a free two week trial currently, so what are you waiting for?

For this episode Chris gets his skates on, mate, with The Italian Job (1969), while Marty compares it to The Italian Job (2003). The book on the making of the original Italian Job is by Matthew Field and from Porter Press.

In this week's online highlights, Marty picked the fantastic Porsche Endurance documentary while Chris chose 2019 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying: The Inside Story From The McLaren Pit Wall as an example of the great content coming out on the official F1 YouTube channel now.

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