Episode 12

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29th Jan 2020

Episode 12: Films in a Foreign Language

In this episode, sights are set away from Hollywood as Chris and Martin approach films not in the English language. For Martin the classic French car movie Taxi, while Chris dives into the world of Initial-D.

But first, Ford vs Ferrari is in the news yet again with BAFTA nominations for cinematography, editing and sound AND OSCAR NOMS OMG for Best Pic, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing!

F1 TV have released a new documentary series, F2: Chasing the Dream, a multi-part documentary series looking into the world of up and coming drivers in F2 (subscription only, sadly).

The original Bullitt Mustang, as driven by Steve McQueen has sold at auction for $3.4m.

For this episode's reviews, we watch a pair of non-English films. Martin revisits the French film Taxi (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0152930/) while Chris shuns the live action version of Initial-D to go with Initial-D 1st Stage from the original Anime.

In this week's online highlights, Martin picked the fantastic Harry’s Garage Porsche Carrera GT film while Chris has been so deep into all things Japanese for this episode, he had to pick this documentary from Driftworks: Outsiders.

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